Superior seats. 100% Handmade in the USA.

Since we offer so many options, you'll need to make sure the seats are going to work for your vehicle. Our hand-crafted seats are made for conversion vans. This includes RVs and motor homes. You'll also find ERA Products custom seats in many other vehicles, including Mercedes Sprinters, Ford Transits, GMC Savanas, and Chevy and Ford full-size vans. ERA Products also manufactures seats for buses, trucks, and SUVs. Just be sure everything is going to fit and will connect properly before purchasing. If unsure, you may want to consider manual options. Please contact us to go over your options.

custom vehicle seats

When it comes to custom luxury vehicle seating, the quality and style of ERA Products custom automotive seating cannot be beat. We pride ourselves in making the best quality replacement Mercedes Sprinter seats, replacement motorhome seats, custom automotive seats, and luxury vehicle seats.